Rationale for Structure of the Document

2. Intended Outcome

The desired outcomes for each Area of Focus are outlined to reflect the expectations of PPM 119.

3. Continuum Phase

The three stages of implementation reflect the desired Continuum of development :

    1.  Emerging Practice or Planning Phase;

    2.  Embedded Practice or Acting Phase, and;

    3.  Integration and Renewal or Reflection Phase.​​

4. Goals

Each phase within each Area of Focus includes an indication of the desired goal for that phase of the Area of Focus.

5. Indicators

For each goal, there are corresponding indicators to be used to assess attainment of the goal.

6. Resources

For each Area of Focus, links to some relevant resources are provided.

7. Promising Practices

Some sample promising practices are included in order to demonstrate ways in which schools and school boards have applied the concepts of each of the Areas of Focus.

8. Reflective Questions

Each Area of Focus includes reflective questions that could be used by the administrator and planning team to reflect on progress and next steps in the specific area of the Continuum.  These reflective questions are taken from the Equity Placemat: How do we know we are making a difference?

9. Ontario Leadership Framework

References are included in each Area of Focus to lead administrators in their practice as the Continuum aligns with the components of the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF).


Administrators are invited to use this document to inform their practice as it relates to Equity and Inclusive Education, along with other aligned Ministry of Education initiatives in the areas of Well-Being and Student Achievement.

The Continuum is divided into the following sections :

1. Area of Focus

The Areas of Focus are those required of school boards in their Equity and Inclusive Education Policy as indicated in Policy and Procedures Memorandum (PPM) 119.

Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment Practices

Shared and Committed Leadership

School Community and Relationships

School Climate and the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment

Religious Accommodation

Professional Learning

Accountability and Transparency


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